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Workers From UK & US Hold Most Managerial Positions in Switzerland, Data Show

Around 1.2 million foreign workers in Switzerland have different working positions, as a press release by the Federal Council reveals.

According to FSO, people from certain EU countries have higher employment rates compared to their counterparts from other countries. More specifically, employment rates for EU workers in Switzerland stand at 85 per cent or more, while employment rates for workers from other countries such as Turkey, Russia or Eritrea stand at 65 per cent, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

The press release also reveals that employed people from the United States and the United Kingdom are more likely to work in highly qualified and managerial positions compared to workers from other countries, who often work in elementary positions.

“Employed persons from the United States and the United Kingdom tend to be highly qualified and in managerial positions, while those from Sri Lanka and Eritrea are often employed in elementary positions. This is also reflected in different working conditions,” the press release reads.

In addition, the data reveals that 39.7 per cent of UK nationals working in Switzerland had a non-managerial position, while 16 per cent were self-employed. The second nationality to follow – Americans, have a lower share of self-employment in Switzerland – 14.6 per cent, while the share of workers without a managerial position is higher than the Brits – around 46.6 per cent.

Third to follow are Dutch workers, with 35.9 per cent of workers being in a managerial position, 43.6 per cent in another position and 20.4 per cent being self-employed – which is also the largest share of self-employed nationals among all.

On the other hand, 81.1 per cent of Eritrean nationals are not in managerial positions compared to 8.3 per cent that are and another 10.6 per cent that are self-employed.

Eritreans fall behind Sri Lankians, with 77.8 per cent of workers from this country being in an elementary position compared to 12.1 in managerial positions and 10.2 per cent being self-employed, while Brazilians follow next with 10.6 per cent of workers from this South American country having a self-employment status.

Additionally, 72.3 per cent of Brazilian workers in Switzerland are employed in elementary positions compared to 17.2 per cent that are in higher qualified positions.

Furthermore, the data reveals that among foreign workers who are employed in Switzerland, Kosovo nationals are employed in elementary positions for both secondary and tertiary sectors, with 44.1 per cent and 55.2 per cent of workers of this nationality being employed in these sectors, respectively.

Similarly, Kosovo nationals working in Switzerland are mostly employed in elementary positions – 66.6 per cent while 19.8 per cent are employed in higher qualified positions. Another 16.5 per cent are self-employed, which is a high proportion of self-employed workers compared to other nationalities.

Source: Schengenvisa



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