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Filipino Restaurant in Switzerland, Popular with Patrons

BRUGG – Appetizing Filipino dishes such as lumpia, adobo, pancit, sisig, kare-kare and crispy pata, those are some of the food offerings of Oro Guevarra’s karinderya style restaurant. 

Guevara is a Filipino nurse turned businessman. He believed that it was time for the Swiss to get to know Pinoy food, so he started his restaurant with his family.  

In Europe, it is said that Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean and Vietnamese cuisine are better known when it comes to Asian food.

In his restaurant, the exotic Pinoy interior is immediately noticeable, from the table, chairs, and light fixtures. Something that will give any Filipino the impression that you are just in Manila.


According to Guevarra, cooking is really his passion, something that strengthened his heart to go into business. Their delicious food is returned not only by our compatriots in Switzerland but also by the Swiss and other tourists.


Source: ABS CBN News



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