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Ukraine’s Power Import Capacity From Europe Jumps to 1.7 GW

(Montel) Ukraine’s power import capacity from the EU has increased by 500 MW to 1.7 GW following a “successful” synchronisation with European grids, said TSO group Entso-E.

“Ukrenergo, the Ukrainian TSO, has achieved compliance with the key technical requirements necessary to enable a permanent interconnection between the power systems of continental Europe and Ukraine”, the group representing European TSOs added on Tuesday.

Ukraine disconnected from the Russian grid in March 2022 following the latter’s invasion and initially synchronised with European grids in an emergency mode with import capacity capped at 1.2 GW for safety reasons.

Since then, Ukraine has achieved “full compliance with the operational rules”, and Entso-E agreed to increase the capacity limit for power trade from continental Europe to Ukraine and Moldova to 1.7 GW, “based on system security and stability simulations”, the group said.

Ukraine has suffered an electricity deficit in the past few days following emergency shutdowns and repairs of several thermal power plants, with power imports from neighbouring Poland, Slovakia and Romania becoming essential for the war-affected nation.

Source: Montel News



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