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Restoration Begins at Europe’s Last Tin Mill in Cornwall

Work has begun to repair the roof at Tolgus Mill near Redruth – the last original tin stream works in Europe.

Owners, Cornwall Gold, said the roof covering the mill’s frame house was littered with holes and collapsing in places.

Repair work will involve removing it and replacing it with a new steel roof, while retaining as many of the original features as possible.

The restoration project was chosen by visitors to the attraction in a vote.

Work will also involve removing rotten areas and adding new wiring and lights to the Grade II listed building.

Managing Director and owner Mike Taylor said: “The site holds a rich history which we were determined to preserve and bring to life.

“We knew that by engaging the public in this important piece of history we would be able to nurture their support in our preservation efforts.

“Launched earlier this year, our interactive Tolgus Mill exhibition has done just that and we are delighted to now be starting the next phase of our restoration works, which with the recent rains, are needed more than ever.”

The Tolgus tin mill was built in 1865, and uses water power to crush tin ore from local mines, allowing tin metal to be extracted.

Source: British Broadcasting Corporation



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