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Proposal for Budget Swiss Health Insurance

Last weekend, the PLR/FDP unveiled a plan to create a budget low cost health insurance option in Switzerland, reported RTS.

The proposal, which includes lower cost ways of delivering healthcare, will be presented to parliament next month. Examples of ways to lower costs include limiting the choice of hospital and sharing hospital rooms with more patients or in less luxurious surroundings. 

The plan is a response to rising health insurance premiums and is an option that is expected to appeal to healthier residents. Basic health insurance continues to expand and offer more treatments, according to Philippe Nantermod, a parliamentarian from the PLR. Some of these treatments are questionable, such as complementary medicines, he said.

The new insurance plan would not be forced on anyone but would be offered as an alternative, particularly for those in good health.

The idea will be presented to the National Council (parliament) and the Council of States (upper house) over the coming months.

Source: Le News



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