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President Novák Shares Her Thoughts on Marriage and Family With U.S. Students

Speaking to students at a private Catholic university on the last stop of her visit to the US, Katalin Novák said that Christian principled politics is based on respect for one another. She pointed out that the Christian form of governance is workable in practice and not just a theory. For it to be achievable, there needs to be the governmental power to implement it, because mere principles without the power to act achieve nothing, just as “mere executive power without good principles achieves nothing”, she added. Good principles, values, very strong convictions and the right position of power to put them into practice are needed, the President said.

The President also stressed that this Christian political alternative is a viable option, adding that in Florida, where the lecture was delivered, it is also possible to see that these principles work in practice and can appeal to the majority of people. For that reason alone, they should be held fast and never given up,” she said.

As part of this, she mentioned real freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and freedom to live. You can really say what you think and live your life as you see fit, without any negative consequences for your life,” said Katalin Novák.
She said it was unfortunate that in many parts of the world today, the state talks about freedom in theory, but in practice, if you do not go with the mainstream, you are bound to experience negative consequences.

“We believe that if there are no children, there are no families and no future,” the head of state said, adding that children are the guarantee of the future and that the doubling of the number of marriages and the reduction of the number of abortions by a third also prove the effectiveness of Hungarian family policy.
Referring to her own personal experience, the President advised the American university students that it is not worth missing out on having children and a family.

Source: Hungary Today



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