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Poland Builds Anti-Tank Barricades; Lithuania Considers Strengthening The Border

Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak posted a picture on Twitter showing the so-called «anti-tank hedgehogs» and other structures that make it difficult for heavy military equipment to move on the Polish-Kaliningrad border. Meanwhile, Lithuania is still considering how to strengthen the border.

The chairman of the Lithuanian Parliamentary Committee on National Security and Defense, Laurynas Kasčiūnas, said that he has prepared a draft law on strengthening Lithuania’s border.

Kasčiūnas stated that the Committee on National Security and Defense will discuss strengthening certain sections of the Lithuanian border this month. He added that the government plans to adopt a special law that will clarify the principles of movement restriction and create legal and financial conditions.

Suwalki Gap is an 80-kilometer long section of the Lithuanian-Polish border. It separates Kaliningrad from Belarus and is considered a NATO weak point. The alliance has emphasized that in case of an armed conflict and if the aggressor succeeds in seizing this territory, the Baltic states will be separated from NATO. The retired colonel emphasized that equipment alone will not fulfill its function, and human resources are also needed. Poland is already preparing a division to deploy near Kaliningrad.

Source: BNN News



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