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Patrol Ng Pilipino: Silipin: Pinoy ‘take-out’ Stall Sa Switzerland

MANILA — In 2017, Filipino Perry Ramirez opened ChaCha Food Corner in the basement of the Geneva Cornavin train station in Switzerland.

This is the first Filipino food takeaway stall in the area but you can also eat at the tables and chairs in front of his place called ‘Gossip Corner’.

Dinuguan, bopis and Bicol Express are sold even among other breeds. Siomai, siopao, and empanadas are also favorites for on-the-go. Desserts such as puto, biko, cassava cake, sapin sapin and buko pie will also not be left behind.

Ramirez was a nurse in Saudi Arabia before flying to Switzerland in 1992.

She worked as a maid until one of her employers helped her to study and open a business.

—Report by Miranda De Quiros, Philippine Patrol

Source: ABS-CBN News



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