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Memorial March Held for Victims of Fatal Shootings in Switzerland

Around 500 people took part in a march on Saturday in memory of the victims of fatal shootings in Sion in southern Switzerland last week.

Participants of all ages, including families with children, took part in the silent march in Sion, canton Valais, on Saturday, with many holding white balloons and white or red roses.

A 34-year-old woman and a 41-year-old man from Valais were killed in the shootings in Sion on December 11. The shooter first opened fire on the woman in a parking lot, who later died from the fatal gunshot wound.

A few minutes later, a man was also shot at a second location in the town. A 49-year-old Valais woman was also injured by a gunshot. She was taken to hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

According to the police, the killer knew his victims. The man and the injured woman worked with him at a plastering and painting business in Sion. It is not yet known what relationship he had to the woman who died.

The senior public prosecutor responsible for central Valais, Olivier Elsig, said disputes between the killer and the victims were a likely motive. He did not give any further details but denied media reports that the killing was linked to a relationship between the individuals.

The man was known to Swiss judicial authorities but was not considered a person of risk. He did not resist arrest and immediately confessed to the crimes.

Source: Swiss Info



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