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Labour Shortage Persists Across Switzerland in 2023 (Swiss Info)

A lack of qualified personnel persists in Switzerland. After jumping 69% in 2022, the labour shortage index in Switzerland increased by another 24% this year, reports Swiss Info, citing data from Adecco Switzerland and the Swiss Labour Market Monitor as well as the University of Zurich. Two factors explain the labour shortage. “On the one hand, the number of job seekers has decreased significantly, with an unemployment rate of 2% last October. On the other hand, the number of vacant positions increased by 7% compared to the previous year,” the research stated.

The most sought-after professions are in health, IT, as well as in the engineering sector. Adecco noted a relaxation in IT, with a sharp increase in the number of job seekers last September in this field. Among regions, the labour shortage was more marked in German-speaking Switzerland (28%) than in French-speaking Switzerland (+14%). The first region experienced a more marked decrease in the number of people looking for work (-16%) and a moderate increase in the number of vacancies (+8%) over one year. Conversely, French-speaking Switzerland recorded a more moderate decline in the number of job seekers (-10%) and an increase of only 3% in vacancies over one year.

Adecco stated that companies must ‘take better advantage of the domestic labour market, by investing in training and continuing education’, as well as by making working conditions more flexible or by recruiting temporary staff and considering foreign labour.

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