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Hungary’s Position Popular in Slovakia

In a lengthy article, the Slovak newspaper reports that Slovak Interim Defense Minister Jaroslav Nad said that Hungary is secretly training Ukrainian soldiers despite its declared “military neutrality” in the armed conflict in Ukraine. The Hungarian Defense Ministry has responded that Hungary has helped to hospitalize wounded Ukrainian soldiers. The Hungarian Armed Forces are also training Ukrainian military medical personnel for humanitarian purposes.

The Slovak conservative daily Hlavné Správy wrote that Hungary’s attitude to the war in Ukraine has won the sympathy of Slovaks. The Slovak newspaper said that the marches for peace and neutrality in Slovakia showed that a significant part of the population took a position on the armed conflict in Ukraine that was at odds with that of the current temporarily appointed government.

As the above-mentioned quote shows, the Slovak government continues to spread disinformation about Hungary. Jaroslav Nad is a member of the new party, Demokrati, founded by Prime Minister Eduard Heger, whose other members, Foreign Minister Rastislav Kácer and Economy Minister Karel Hirman have also spread fake news about the Hungarian government’s alleged intentions to occupy Slovakia and parts of Ukraine.

Source: Hungary Today



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