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Dubrovnik, Cascais, Sicily: Where Are the Wildfires Burning in Europe?

Blazes have broken out in several areas that are popular tourist hotspots.

Wildfires are raging across southern Europe amid a fierce heatwave. Prolonged drought and temperatures rising over 40C are providing prime conditions for flames to spread.

Blazes have broken out in several areas that are popular tourist hotspots. Resorts and hotels have been evacuated and flights cancelled to many destinations.

Unfortunately, those with holidays booked to affected areas are finding travel companies and airlines are providing inadequate information.

Here are all the areas in Europe hit by wildfires where travellers should exercise caution.


Fires are blazing on several Greek islands leading to mass evacuations. On Rhodes, flames are burning on 10 to 20 per cent of the island.

Around 20,000 people have been evacuated including tourists as the wildfires scorch the seaside villages of Kiotari, Gennadi, Pefki, Lindos, Lardos and Kalathos.

On the island of Corfu, approximately 2,500 people have been offered shelter from the blazes. Fires are also raging on Evia and Crete is on high alert.

To the west of Greece’s capital Athens, fires have been burning for several days damaging hundreds of houses.

Strong gusts of winds have fanned the flames, which have now reached the outskirts of the city.


Wildfires are burning in several areas on the island of Sicily. The capital Palermo has been badly hit.

The city’s airport has reopened after a brief closure earlier in the week but other public transport services like buses and trains are still disrupted.

Blazes are also occupying areas around the cities of Catania, Trapani, Syracuse and Messina leading to evacuations.

Air quality in affected areas is poor and power and water supplies have been interrupted to some communities.

n the region of Calabria on the mainland, wildfires have spread in several areas including around Reggio Calabria, Crotone and Catanzaro.

Multiple roads have been closed around the region.

In nearby Puglia, over 2,000 tourists were evacuated from the seaside town of Vieste as fires raged nearby.

Further south in Salento, around a hundred people were forced to leave as blazes approached the beach of San Cataldo in Lecce.


On Tuesday evening, reports emerged of a fire burning a few kilometres south of the popular tourist city of Dubrovnik.

Strong winds and soaring temperatures are causing the wildfires to spread quickly.

Water-dropping planes and firefighters have been tackling the blaze, which they say is under control but at risk of flaring up again if the wind picks up.


On Tuesday, a fire erupted on the island of Gran Canaria. Several hundred residents were forced to flee and three roads were closed.

The fires are centred in the la Caldera de Los Marteles area and not currently affecting the island’s beaches and seaside resorts.

Mainland Spain is not currently affected by wildfires.


Over 500 firefighters have been battling a blaze near Portugal’s capital Lisbon. The flames forced 90 people from their homes and the evacuation of 800 farm animals.

Flames have been surrounding the southern coastal town of Cascais. The fire was brought under control on Wednesday but firefighters remain vigilant as strong winds could cause it to reignite.

There are fears it may spread further throughout the nearby Sintra-Cascais Natural Park.

Source: Euronews



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