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Bulgaria Has Fulfilled All Criteria to Join Schengen, EU Parliament Vice President Says

The Vice President of the European Union Parliament, Evelyn Regner, has said that Bulgaria has fulfilled all criteria for joining the Schengen Area and that there is not any reason for its membership to be delayed.

Such a remark from Parliament Vice President was made last week, and according to her, Bulgaria has “done its homework for Schengen” reports.

“You have done your homework for Schengen. You have fulfilled all the criteria, and there is not a single objective reason to hinder your membership there. Bulgaria must be part of Schengen. That’s it!” the statement of Regner reads.

The statement of Regner on the matter comes despite her country, Austria, blocking its accession.

She said that the decision of Austria to remain against the Schengen expansion with Bulgaria is a bad move. Regners further stressed that she is “embarrassed” by the official position that Austria continues to keep.

“Bulgaria is also part of the Schengen family, having fulfilled all the criteria for membership. I am watching very closely when it will board for Schengen, and I am very embarrassed by the official position of my country,” Regner stressed.

While Austria continues to remain firm on its stance against the expansion of the Schengen Area, the EU Commission just recently urged the Council to let Bulgaria, as well as Romania, fully join Schengen.

The Commission said earlier in May that the Council should let Bulgaria, together with Romania, join the Area this year.

“The Commission calls once again on the Council to further strengthen European unity and allow Romania and Bulgaria to join Schengen fully,” the Commission said in a press release, listing the accession of Bulgaria and Romania as one of the top priorities.

Apart from the Commission, the Members of the Parliament (MEPs)have also called for quick Schengen accession for Bulgaria.

MEPs said in April that Bulgaria as well as Romania should stick together in their effort to join the Area and stressed that it is important for the two countries to prepare joint initiatives.

The Bulgarian MEP Ilhan Kyuchyuk said that Bulgaria and Romania plan on holding conferences in their respective countries to emphasised the importance of their accession in the Schengen Area.

The Romanian MEP Vlad Botos also commented on the matter, saying that the two countries entered the EU together and will also enter the Schengen Area together.

Source: Schengen Visa News



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