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Becirovic Spoke With the Representatives of BIH Diaspora in Switzerland

Member of the BiH Presidency, Denis Bećirović, spoke in Zurich to representatives of the association of the Bosnian diaspora in Switzerland today.

During the conversation, Bećirović pointed out the importance of institutional connection and joint work on projects of interest to Bosnia and Herzegovina. He pointed out that BiH diaspora in Switzerland is a good example of organizing, mutual cooperation and connection with organizations and institutions in the homeland.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the associations BKC Luzern, IBC Zürich, BKC Zug, IZBA Aargau, BKC Kula, which operate within the framework of the organization Moja BiH, then the Bosniak National Foundation (BNF), the Islamic Community of Bosniaks in Switzerland, Prosperitet speaks for the diaspora Fund, Voice for Bosnia and the White Ribbon Commission.

Bećirović pointed out that there is a worldwide trend in Bosnia and Herzegovina. diaspora that more organizations come together in alliances and communities, which leads to much more efficient work and greater impact. Such an organization enables better cooperation with institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The representatives of the association informed Bećirović and his associates that non-governmental organizations, which bring together BiH citizens currently residing in Switzerland, have done a lot to strengthen communities in the last decade. They emphasized that they were developing their own programs to preserve the language, culture and traditions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and that they were simultaneously working to bring Swiss friends closer to Bosnia and Herzegovina and its multicultural spirit. They also pointed out that it is particularly important to establish institutional cooperation between Bosnia and Herzegovina. businessmen from Switzerland with businesses in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and at the state level to solve the issue of exchange of students from Bosnia and Herzegovina with students from Switzerland.

About 100,000 citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina are currently living in Switzerland. They are organized through a high-quality network of non-governmental organizations through which they achieve mutual cooperation and connect with the homeland.

Source: Sarajevo Times



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