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Barclays in Prague gives IT professionals the chance to spread their wings

The company’s growing Prague center is a place where great tech careers can be made.

The Czech technology sector is rapidly expanding, and fiercely competitive. Skilled IT professionals and those aspiring to build a career in the industry are highly in-demand as  business booms amid the digitization of the economy and the need for companies in a wide range of sectors to beef up their IT capabilities.

IT solutions are needed across the economy, and one company which is significantly enhancing its already impressive digital investments is Barclays bank. The company, headquartered in London and one of Europe’s largest financial institutions, has made Prague a hub for its IT development activities.

That means recruiting some of Czechia’s brightest and best software engineers and researchers to develop systems bringing benefits to Barclays customers. The company’s enormous international scale, operating in over 40 countries and employing over 80,000 people worldwide, provides developers with a setting where they can build something great, and take their careers to new heights.

Opportunities for skilled developers

Competition for experienced IT talent is hot, and this is reflected in the impressive benefits and salaries for skilled professionals.

While providing industry-leading perks and a modern office space in Pankrác, working at Barclays also provides other unique opportunities. Developing for a global enterprise means creating IT solutions which may be used by vast numbers of people, creating a real difference to the lives of customers in the Czech Republic and beyond.

“At Barclays, you’ll find systems that require petabytes of storage a month. You’ll find systems that require thousands of computer nodes. You’ll find systems where you facilitate billions in transactions or billions of dollars flow through something you built, or tens of thousands of the world’s top money managers use your system regularly,” said Rob Campbell, Head of Barclays’ Prague Technology Center.

With such opportunity comes the potential for great responsibility. Barclays’ Prague team includes senior management figures who worked their way up from initial positions as junior analysts, and who now lead teams of over 30 people. For developers with ambition, skills, and dedication, the sky’s the limit.    

Calling aspiring leaders

But Barclays isn’t just seeking experienced pros. The company’s development hub in Prague is also investing in the talent of the future, employing trainees and apprentices to learn skills, gain experience, and work their way up through the company.

Training schemes can lead to high-paying roles as Analysts, Developers, and more. Managers help new workers assess their own skills and capabilities through a personalized learning plan, eventually directing them towards areas where they show the greatest promise. Inexperienced workers are also helped to gain the industry certification needed to advance their career. 

Again, Barclays’ scale provides opportunities rarely found elsewhere. Close-knit groups of technology apprentices in Prague can easily interact with teams across Europe and at the company’s London headquarters, making their personal development truly international.

Work-life balance and personal growth

Barclays operates a flexible working system which focuses on balancing work with other life commitments. This approach, called Dynamic Working, makes sure people feel included regardless of their personal circumstances and preferred working environment. 

It also helps employees fulfill their dreams while developing within the company. Examples of personal successes achieved by employees under Dynamic Working have included completing higher education courses, helping children through school exams, caring for elderly relatives, or pursuing a personal fitness program.

At the same time, Barclays runs schemes to help people develop professionally. Opportunities to move careers forward include specialized training courses, the option to attend conferences, and access to copious online learning materials. The Prague hub also contains materials for developing personal interests such as open source programmable drones and 3D printing.

Development opportunities are made to be fun, too: Barclays runs coding competitions, international programmer’s day celebrations, and hackathons to deepen expertise while bringing people together.

Strong team spirit

It’s no surprise, given Barclays’ global reach, that the company’s Prague center is a multicultural, diverse, and supportive community. Czechs and foreigners come together to work here, and Barclays concentrates on creating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. There’s no need to wear a suit to work, and employees enjoy all sorts of shared activities, from sports days, games, and parties, to volunteering work in the local community and hackathons to test their skills in a team-building environment.

This is all part of a working culture which aims to promote mutual trust between employees and management. This, in turn, forms the basis for career development based on your performance, rather than on how many hours you spend in the office or other superficial criteria.

The result is a workplace which provides experienced professionals and newcomers to the industry alike a chance to spread their wings, explore their talents, and fashion for themselves a successful career affecting the lives of Barclays customers across the Czech Republic and beyond.

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