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Astra: More than 100 Mobilized from Russia Disappeared in The Luhansk Region After Refusing to Sign Contracts with PMC “Wagner”

More than 100 Russian mobilized disappeared in the Luhansk region after refusing to sign contracts with the Wagner PMC, Astra claims , citing military relatives.

Native soldiers told the publication that on April 5 this year, about 500 mobilized from different regions of Russia, including the Moscow, Voronezh and Tver regions, were sent by three cargo planes from Kursk to Rostov-on-Don, allegedly for training and transfer to submission to the local military Part. However, the men were taken from there at night to the Luhansk region.

“My husband and his colleagues, consisting of 500 mobilized, were redirected by order to Rostov-on-Don to a field camp on the military cargo board IL-76MD. They were sent on three sides, 170 people on each side. There were no commanders accompanied “They were met by buses, military police and officers. They were taken to a unit of the 150th division of the 27th brigade, military tickets were collected. They were accompanied by Lieutenant Colonel Vladislav Yuryevich Fedorov. The mobilized were loaded into the “Urals” and taken to the “training ground”. They crossed the border at night,” said the wife of one of the soldiers.

The publication indicates that the material refers to the fate of those mobilized from one aircraft, who were sent to the plant in Stakhanov. The journalists managed to talk to 15 relatives of the mobilized. Nothing is known about the fate of the other two groups of Astra Russians.

According to the publication, after arriving in the Lugansk region, a group of military personnel from one plane was taken to the territory of the Stakhanov Carriage Works. The former so-called “president” of separatist South Ossetia, Anatoly Bibilov, allegedly came there to “push through” the mobilized.

The servicemen told their relatives that representatives of the PMC “Wagner” had come to them. “Representatives of PMC” Wagner “arrived with weapons, there are about 30 of them. Now they will just twist, turn, they want to take them to some kind of training ground, they began to exert direct pressure. We ask:” Where are our soldiers ?!” – and they say: “Why the hell do you need them?” We were depersonalized, there are no soldiers, people with weapons were brought in and phones, as I understand it, will be taken away, and we won’t be able to get in touch,” the publication cites an excerpt from a conversation mobilized with his wife.

“300 thousand will run out, there are no more shells, Wagners are running out.” In an intercepted conversation, the Russian military complains about the shortage in the army:

Another mobilized man told his mother in a telephone conversation: “There are 150 of us here locked up at the car repair plant, we were stupidly sold, but we did not agree with this.” The record is at the disposal of the editors.

Relatives of the soldiers said that 57 people out of 170 agreed to sign contracts with the Wagner PMC and left in an unknown direction. One of the wives of a Russian military man said that the mobilized appealed to the military prosecutor’s office, where in the end they said that “they could not help.”

As a result, 113 people, according to relatives and wives of the military, were loaded into cars and taken to the Luhansk region, the village of Krasnaya Talovka, to the Gerasimovsky training ground. Upon arrival, they reported that their phones were being confiscated. Since April 7, they have stopped communicating. In the military prosecutor’s office of the Rostov garrison, the relatives were informed that “they are not aware of any receipt of the five hundred people mobilized.”

Source: Current Time



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