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Swiss People’s Party Wants to Limit Migrants’ Access to Healthcare

The president of the party, Marco Chiesa, supported the idea of a “light health insurance scheme” for migrants in front of party delegates gathered in canton Thurgau on Saturday. He also called for an end to asylum applications in Switzerland and for border controls.

Asylum applications should only be processed in transit zones outside Switzerland, said Chiesa, a senator from canton Ticino. He condemned the lack of security in Chiasso, in his home canton, which he said was linked to the “asylum chaos”. The Dublin agreements must be applied “not only on paper, but also on the ground”, he said.

“Almost all the problems we are encountering in our country today are due to excessive immigration”, Chiesa added. Faced with rising health insurance premiums, he is proposing the creation of a “light health insurance scheme” for asylum seekers and people whose right of residence has not been clarified. “Immigrants’ access to our healthcare system must be restricted”, he said.

The People’s Party president also raised the possibility of introducing immigration lump sums to cover costs. “In tourism, we know about tourist taxes. Let’s impose a ‘tourist tax’ on immigrants”, he said.

Source: Swiss Info

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