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Coreline Soft Partners With Healthcare Konnect to Accelerate Swiss Expansion

HCK provides professional consulting and resources to help hospitals and pharmaceutical companies find applications for the latest medical devices.

In August, Coreline Soft completed the pre-market notification for the sale of the AVIEW products in Switzerland, and can now expand the Swiss medical market in earnest.

The products included in the Swiss company’s pre-market clearance are Coreline Soft’s flagship products including AI-based lung nodule automated analysis solution, AVIEW LSC, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) automated analysis solution, AVIEW COPD, and coronary artery calcification automated diagnosis solution, AVIEW CAC.

Additionally, its deep learning-based nodule detection assistant technology, Lean Nodule CAD, medical imaging 3D modeling and printing solution, AVIEW Modeler, fully automated interstitial lung disease pattern analysis solution, AVIEW Lung Texture, fully automated organ segmentation solution, AVIEW RT ACS, are also included in the pre-market clearance alongside its incomplete lobar interstitial fever analysis solution and automatic analysis solution for infectious lung diseases that may appear in Covid-19.

“Cancer and cardiovascular screening cannot prevent the disease from occurring, but it can significantly reduce the risk of death,” said HCK CEO Marwan Senhaji. “Coreline Soft’s unique solution can provide the opportunity to receive a comprehensive lung screening, including calcium scoring, emphysema detection, and lung nodule detection based on a low-dose CT scan to improve diagnostic accuracy and expand healthcare value.”

Through Coreline Soft’s early diagnosis technology in CT imaging, the company has been expanding partnerships with major global hospitals and medical institutions to help detect lung cancer at an early stage. Accordingly, the company has successively won the European Union (EU) sponsored Lung Cancer Screening Project (4ITLR), German Lung Cancer Screening Project (HANSE), and Italian Lung Cancer Screening Project (ILSP) based on its self-developed simultaneous diagnosis solution for thoracic diseases, AVIEW LCS PLUS. 

It is conducting research and commercialization of CT coronary angiography analysis, virtual bronchoscopy, fatty liver, and body fat analysis technologies with  medical institutions at home and abroad, to further differentiate its AI technologies for early detection and accurate diagnosis of various diseases. 

“Our goal is to go beyond diagnostics and prevention and ultimately contribute to treatment and management,” said Coreline Soft’s Managing Director of Europe Vanja Azabagic-Thursar. “We believe that our AI technology will bring added value to patients and healthcare providers  and together with HCK, we will help reduce lung cancer-related mortality in Switzerland.”

Coreline Soft is also scheduled to be listed on the Kosdaq market on Sept. 19.

Source: Korea Biomed



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