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A Cure for HIV: When Will Europe Get There?

There’s one key weapon that would be a gamechanger in the fight to end HIV transmission in Europe by 2030 – a cure. Forty years after scientists in Paris identified the virus that caused AIDS, we still don’t have one. But, given that certain populations in Europe still don’t have access to existing prevention, testing and treatments, there’s a big question looming over the race for a cure: If it’s ever found, will Europe get it to those who need it most?

In this live recording of EU Confidential in focus, POLITICO’s Ashleigh Furlong debates these questions with Sara Cerdas, a Portuguese Member of the European Parliament from the Socialists and Democrats group who works on health-related legislation, Belgium’s former Health Minister Maggie De Block, and Ann Isabelle von Lingen, policy and programme manager for combination prevention at the European AIDS Treatment Group.

This is the third of several bonus episodes of EU Confidential coming to you this month. Your regular EU Confidential episodes will still appear in your feed every Thursday. And, if you haven’t already, be sure to listen to our previous episodes on criminalizing HIV transmission and how to eliminate HIV in Europe’s prisons.

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